DentMix parts are compatible with all industry standard equipment, but we’ve gone the extra mile to make our tip system easier to use.  Our patent-pending Visual Identification System (VID) takes the guesswork out of selecting tips for your dental mixing needs.

No more fumbling around trying to find the right color code. Simply check the tip for the number that correlates with your mixing formulation, and you’re ready to work.

We’re making it easier and more cost efficient to perform your essential daily dental mixing duties.

All of our products are not only manufactured in FDA-registered clean rooms, but are tested to the highest hyqiene and quality standards.

Finally, quality-tested tips that take the guesswork out of mixing

DentMix tips are different, prioritizing quality, ease of use, and innovation.

DentMix™ tips come in a variety of number-coded varieties, designed for accuracy and ease of use.

All tips have been thoroughly tested for consistent quality results and durability.


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